Innovation for Development in Southern and Eastern Africa, Challenges for Promoting ST&I Policy

This policy brief is an outcome of the training course on Design and Evaluation of Innovation Policy for Africa (DEIP-Africa). It reviews the common challenges for participating countries to inform researchers and policymakers of future research areas that would enhance Science, Technology and Innovation (ST&I) policy in Africa.

 The DEIP-Africa course, jointly organised by the African Union Commission and UNU-MERIT, is well in line with the aims of STISA-2024. An examination of innovation policies as a viable solution to economic and social challenges in Africa, paying particular attention to ST&I policy in Southern and Eastern African countries as well as the African Union’s Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy for Africa—2024 (STISA 2024). Elements contained in the policy brief are readily available for M&E of STISA as far as policy is concerned. 

Findings from the policy brief

  1. Policy relevance covers public sector fields including education, health, agriculture, transportation, and extends its impact to both economic and social needs.
  2. Too much importance is placed on the academic contribution and too little attention is given to the commercialisation knowledge created or to meeting societal needs.

Download the policy brief:

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